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Time To Clean Out the Poultry Houses | High Rock Attachments

Mar 23rd 2018

Time to clean out the poultry houses is upon us. Spring brings nice weather for getting your chores done, among those might be to clean and disinfect your poultry facility. After you do the dry cleaning of your ceilings, fans, lights, walls and perches, it will be time to remove all litter from the floor. Whether you move your litter to the compost pile, or load trucks for hauling, you need a bucket designed for the job. A Poultry Litter Skid Steer Bucket will work nicely for moving litter out of your facility to the compost pile. They are available in different sizes and equipped with different attachment plates to be used on skid steer loaders, compact track loaders and tractors. High capacity skid steer buckets with tall backs and sides, made for moving large loads of relatively light material. If you plan on loading your litter into trucks for hauling, that task would be better suited with High Dump Skid Steer Buckets. They have the same high sides and backs for large loads and come with the various attachment plates for your machine. The high dump bucket is sometimes referred to as the Roll Out Bucket or Front Dump Bucket. The hydraulic function of the High Dump Skid Steer Bucket allows you to utilize the full reach of your loader. The hydraulic function will dump the bucket after extending your loader arms high enough to dump over the side of a dump truck. Thus loading the dump bed from the middle out, for much more efficient loading, saving you both time and money when the day is over. Either of these skid steer buckets are solid investments for your business when it's time to clean out the poultry houses.