Skid Steer Augers

Skid Steer Augers, for skid steer and compact track loaders from 65- 80 horsepower. For use with machines that deliver between 10-40 gallons Per Minute Flow.

Units are designed for low flow and high flow machines. Depending on the flow of your machine this drive will have a bit turning speed of between 33-127 rounds per minute and deliver between 889 and 6,012 foot pounds of hole punching torque. The attachment point knuckle located between the auger drive and the quick attach plate will keep the auger drive vertical when working on varied uneven terrain.

Because as we all know, your work area is not always flat ground. Drive cradle to secure your auger when not in use. Equipped with a Single Piece Shaft locked inside the auger housing to keep dust, rock and other contaminates out of the housing and insure the shaft cannot come out during operation. Delivering a safe auger drive, to give you peace of mind when operating. Augers comes with  2' Hex Hubs, 2.56' Round Hubs and 2.5" Hex Hubs available. Sealed Planetary Reduction Gearbox. For use with machines with up to 40 Gallons Per Minute flow, but not to exceed that spec. Auger drives are 26"-31" long and weigh in at 161-260 pounds.

Units come complete and ready to work, with hose set and quality flat face couplers. Confidently run bits from 4" to 48" all day long, for years to come.

These augers have a Skid Steer Attachment Industry Leading Warranty: Lifetime Warranty against Shaft Pullout. 5 Year Gearbox Warranty and a 2 Year Warranty For the Motor. The warranty backing this auger will cover your investment for miles of fence post holes and years of use. You can have confidence that this auger is a sound investment for your construction, land management or farming needs.

Price is for Skid Steer Attachments Auger Drive Only, Bit Not included with these skid steer augers, but can be found in our store.