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Skid Steer Root Grapples

Skid Steer Root Grapples will classify debris over 10" from soil, sand or any material you are working in. These root grapples are handy skid steer attachments for cleaning up rock, wood, brush or any material 10" or larger. Root Grapples are a favorite among firewood processors for loading and moving logs. Landscape contractors and builders find them useful for clearing brush and cleaning up worksite debris.

Several attachment plate systems are available, depending on your needs. Root Grapple sides are built from laser cut 1/2" steel. The root grapples floor tines are 3/8" steel and the two independent grapple thumbs up top are 5/8" of powerful gripping steel.

Operated by twin 2" X 10" 4,000 pound shielded cylinders that open the skid steer root grapple wide, to over 40". Delivering a rigid grapple that can stand up to many years of use in abrasive rock, aggregate or heavy logs. The tines have a round steel bar added just behind the gusseted tips during fabrication for rigidity. The bar is welded on both sides of the root grapple tine and produce a stiff design in an open bottom grapple. High grade pins and bushings are used and pivot points are equipped with grease fittings to extend the life of your investment. Root Grapples are completely dipped in an industrial paint, for full coverage that will last longer than a thinly sprayed coat.

Skid steer root grapples come complete and ready to work, with Parker hoses, hose shields and flat face couplers.You can find a cheaper grapple out there, plenty of dealers offering imports as an option, but the value is in the details and the company that backs it.

Backed by a No Hassle Warranty, these skid steer root grapples from High Rock Attachments are a solid investment for your farming, construction, wood processing or landscaping skid steer attachment needs.